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    Inspirasi memang datang kapan saja kapanpun kamu mau.
    Bisa datang ketika kamu sedang terjebak di sesaknya macet sore hari.
    Bisa saja datang ketika sedang merebus mie instant.
    Atau inspirasi seringkali muncul ketika sehabis menonton film romantis yang kisahnya sangat ingin kau wujudkan dalam duniamu.
    Atau mungkin seperti aku?
    Yang inspirasinya sering muncul ketika justru sedang tak ingin berinspirasi apapun. Tak ingin membayangkan dan berimajinasi apapun. Sungguh.

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    "Karena sampah harus dibuang."
    Fatih Zam.
    — 3 weeks ago
    "Karena sampah harus dibuang."
    Fatih Zam.
    — 3 weeks ago

    ya kadang-kadang suka ngebayangin pose semirip katy perry sama john mayer gitu dah hahahaha.

    — 2 months ago

    musim hujan semakin menjadi, tak ada jejak kemarau yang melukai sama sekali.

    lantas, untuk apa menolak aroma tanah yang basah hanya untuk merasakan kesegaran gersangnya kemarau?

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    yap. bertemu lagi dikesempatan lain.

    disisi lain aku duduk, termenung, lantas mulai tersandung masa lalu.

    tapi yang harus aku sadari adalah, memang sekarang tak ada apapun itu.

    tidak ada karena memang aku yang tak mau, bukan karena siapapun yang tak mau.

    jangan tanya mengapa aku begini! tanyalah pada dirimu sendiri.

    mari kita lanjutkan hidup masing-masing.

    seperti dulu. sebelum semuanya terjadi. sebelum semuanya saling terukir dan menciptakan memorabilia tai yang tak mau digubris tanah sekalipun.


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    i wuff you uj.

    i wuff you uj.

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    Top 15 ‘Smiths' Songs: #10
    I want the one I can’t have, and it’s driving me mad.
    It’s written all over my face.”

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    If the mean people in our lives were crappy 100% of the time, it would be easy to leave them. We would shrink from becoming friends with them or jump aboard the nope rocket in the early stages of trouble, and we would feel only relief when they are gone from our lives.

    The problem is that very few people are evil all the time. They don’t wear villain costumes purchased at ForeverEvil. They don’t laugh maniacally and stroke their evil goatees while monologuing about their evil plans. They appear in our lives as People-Who-Would-Be-Awesome-Except-For-That-One-Glaring-Problem. They have potential to be awesome, and sometimes they are awesome, and they make us feel awesome, so we relax and let out that breath we’ve been holding in, and then BAM! They show their mean side, and we do a ton of mental work trying to reconcile the mean stuff with the awesome stuff.

    Breaking up brings relief, as you lose the constant mental labor of managing the relationship AND the stress of being constantly disappointed and hurt, but it also brings grief. Shitty people who forget your birthday and give little backhanded compliments and gossip about your secrets sometimes give really good hugs, or presents, are your favorite people to get drunk and watch figure-skating with, or were the sole witness to an important time in your life. The good times were real.


    Captain Awkward

    I cannot express how much of a lightbulb moment it was when I realized people did not have to be unilaterally awful in order for you not to want to be in a relationship with them.

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